A training with Andy Booth part 1


Here there are some extracts of the Andy Booth training. I was lucky to be a part of it with my horse.


I suggest to the riders who ride with me to be part of it too, and, as listeners or with their horses, they are a lot to have been part of this day.

All of them, at the end of the training, told me that the vocabulary and the key points sounded familiar, because they already hear them on a regular basis during their lessons.

I was happy to hear that, because I really try to include these notions of horsemanship in my teaching, and I think that it’s really inseparable.

As for me, even if I was already familiarized with the horsemanship basis, I’ve heard for the first rime and incorporated in my vocabulary a notion I liked a lot. I think it means a lot of things : “to let win”.

According to me, it includes  an important notion, the horse wins not because it has avoid the action asked as we can see sometimes, but because it has found the “stop button” of the rider, because it was able to find how to stop the stimulus. It’s really a win-win system.

If horsemanship seems, at first sight while watching this video, so easy to apply, it’s because it’s based on an incredibly logical reasoning, for the rider as well as the horse. Nonetheless the timing is a notion which is very long to acquire, that the dose of a pressure or an inconvenience needs tact and habit and that the huge amount of different situations we can face means that we need to be lead by a professional if we want to make progress efficiently.




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